RED FLAG 1- All Vegas based tour companies are permitted go to the city portion of Beverly Hills where Rodeo Drive is located but buses/minibuses cannot legally go into the high profile residential areas of Beverly Hills to show the celebrity mansions. They weigh over the legal weight limit of 3 tons (6000 lbs). The Beverly Hills cops issue citations to tour company violators before impounding their vehicles, issuing citations and escorting them out of the Beverly Hills residential area.

There are many mobile weigh scale checkpoints throughout the Beverly Hills residential area directing suspected violators to pull into the mobile inspection points. This prevents all bus /minibus companies from entering the residential portion of Beverly Hills where all of the Celebrity Mansions are located. We captured it on camera for all to see.


Buses/minibuses are too big and noisy for the high profile residences.

We always go to see the celebrity mansions in the Beverly Hills residential area and Lake Hollywood Park because we only use SUVs & minivans that all fit under the legal weight limit and 3 tons. (6000 lbs) We guarantee that our Hollywood tour is not duplicated by any other tour company from Las Vegas or you can ride with us for free.



RED FLAG 2- Lake Hollywood Park is the closest that a legally parked vehicle can get to the Hollywood sign period. (Unless your a resident) There is a legal weight limit law restricting tour bus companies from entering that area as well.  Don't be fooled by companies that say "UP CLOSE TO THE SIGN".

 In the 2nd flickering image below notice the area between the Hollywood sign and our customers. There is no development between them and the Hollywood Sign. Unless your a cliff hanger, there is no closer viewing area to the sign. We are the only tour company in Las Vegas that goes there.  WE HAVE PROOF.


Tour companies use phrases on their websites that say "Up Close To The Sign" but in reality they go to areas that are much further away. For instance you can see the sign from the Chinese Theater on Hollywood BLVD about 6 miles away where all tour companies stop at anyway.

The other main viewing area that companies go to is Mulholland Drive which is about 4 miles away. They say it's as close as you can get because they cannot legally go into the Hollywood Hills at Lake Hollywood Park. They tend to get away with this because customers are not familiar with the general area often having to take the companies word for it. When tour company websites say "UP CLOSE TO THE SIGN" its a RED FLAG.

RED FLAG 3-  Don't be fooled when tour companies often refer to their buses & minibuses as Luxury Vans or VIP Vans or Luxury Coaches. They are really buses/minibuses that do not and cannot legally enter places like the Bell Air Residential Or Lake Hollywood Park or the Beverly the Hills Residential. Others may use Mercedes Benz Sprinter minibuses but classify them as vans when they too are over the legal weight limits as well. They don't go where we go.

Their itineraries they speak for themselves and you can verify by taking time to research them. This information can only be found here because we are the original Vegas To Hollywood tours.

Before booking, ask these direct questions to avoid red flags.

1- Do you go to the celebrity mansions in the residential portion of Beverly Hills?

2- Does your company use buses or minibuses? (Anything over 7 passengers are restricted Red Flags)

3- Do you go to the Hollywood Sign at Lake Hollywood Park?

4- What time do we get back to Las Vegas from Hollywood? (The extra 2 1/2 hours they spend are in traffic not actually on tour) 

Tour bus companies cannot go into the Hollywood Hills at Lake Hollywood Park because there's a 3 ton weight limit restriction there as well, so if a tour company says that they don't go there, it's a RED FLAG.



Las Vegas-tours
Las vegas-tours

RED FLAG 4- Companies use false advertising tactics claiming to be V.I.P Hollywood tour companies when they have low rankings on Tripadvisor in addition to using low class equipment like buses/minibuses.

No companies perfect but read their bad reviews and identify the patterns. SCAM COMPANIES have a pattern of false advertising or advertising themselves as V.I.P when they use buses & minibuses. Tripadvisor exposes these SCAM COMPANIES but you can only identify them if you take the time to read their bad TripAdvisor reviews not just their good ones.                                          



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