Cancellation Policy                                            

All purchases are collected in advance solely for the purpose of preventing attendance negligence. This policy protects the interests of the tour operator and other members of the tour group..

All cancellations made within 48 hours before the scheduled tour date are subject to the total cost of the payment that is(the total tour balance cost). This means that a last minute cancellation would make the payment non-refundable. However, the customer is eligible for a full refund as long as the cancellation does not fall within that 48 hour scheduled your date period.  This is because we are not able to resell the seat or seats at the last minute.

Promotional rates are based solely on limited time offers, and on the number of passengers booked. If the purchaser decides to make changes thereafter, regarding number of passengers, then the rates may be reinstated back to the regular rate, or to whichever promotional rate is being offered at that time. Conversely, if a reservation is made prior to the release of a promotional offer, the buyer is not entitled to any discount on the price difference thereafter, unless otherwise offered or authorized by a Vegas to Hollywood Tourz LLC booking representative.

Other then the email address, Vegas to Hollywood Tourz LLC does not obtain, store or import any personal data and information that the purchaser or purchasers make through our third party merchant Paypal. This is a security measure that we took to help protect the personal privacyof all of our customers. Our third party merchant Paypal, is responsible for obtaining any and all sensitive information submitted by the customers voluntarily participation when purchasing their tour. Protecting the customers privacy and personal information through the Paypal links posted on our website are secured though Paypal. Our tour representatives never ask customers for any of their sensitive information such as addresses, credit or debit card information etc.

Other than their first and last names, is not necessary the representative to ask for, or obtain any of the customers personal or sensitive information. Our tour representatives strictly handle everything else as far as the booking process is concerned. After the tour is confirmed, the representative will give the customer the go ahead to make the payment. Once the Payment is submitted by the customer through Paypal, then the representative will send the customers tour package pickup information which will complete the process.

Please inform ‘Vegas to Hollywood Tours’ of any changes in your tour plans as early as possible and before the 48hr tour date period to be elligable for a full refund. To send us an email use . We'll do our best to accommodate you. .

Thank you very much for your cooperation and patronage.