Innovative Las Vegas to Hollywood Tour

Even with so much to do in Vegas some visitors like to take a break and take a day tour that leaves the strip.  Most tour companies that run Las Vegas to Hollywood tours do so using buses or mini-buses.  Either way you can get the feeling that you aren't being personally cared for. has put a completely fresh perspective on the Las Vegas to Hollywood tour by being the first tour company in Las Vegas to go VIP.  

What this means is that every single tour they run is in a private luxury SUV.  This amenity is so central to the companies core philosophy that they have incorporated it into their slogan "Skip The Bus and Come Join Us!".  Skip the Bus and Come Join Us! takes it a step further by giving a platform for happy customers to sound off and say what they loved about the tours by having them send in video testimonials.  Judging by the first round of video logs the company has received it looks like they are doing something right.  Jackson, a customer from Texas, summed it up nicely: "So much better driving in a nice SUV instead of a tour bus. It was way more personable and pleasurable for us." 

When you think about it who really wants to be on a bus?  This innovative approach seems to be working great for customers, but might not be such great news for their overloaded competitors that are still cramming people into buses. 

-- Jordan Roberts is the CMO of Vegas To Hollywood Tours and a regular contributor to the blog.