Tour Advisory

'Vegas to Hollywood Tourz' and its affiliates are not responsible for any lost or stolen items left in vehicles. This means there are no financial restitution for lost or stolen items. Regardless of any lost or stolen items reported, the tour will continue to run a complete schedule unless a traveler is physically unwell or injured or if a tour vehicle experiences technical problems where it can't complete the tour. Vegas to Hollywood Tourz uses a variety of SUV’s for the tours ranging from 8-passenger to 15-passenger in capacity. Although every effort is made to fully maintain all tour vehicles on a regular basis, including those equipped with features such as surround sound and reclining seats, once a tour is rendered, Vegas to Hollywood Tourz does not offer refunds or discounts pertaining to: tour services, staff performance, late pickups, tour features or the functionality of tour vehicles or lack thereof. Tour dates are subject to change due to bad weather, vehicle technical issues, large group cancellations or conditions beyond our control. Vegas to Hollywood Tourz is not liable for any damages, purchases, expenses, or restitution for any inconveniences caused by a change of schedule or itinerary, late departures or returns, technical issues, tour vehicle breakdowns, or other related situations. Vegas to Hollywood Tourz reserves the right to makes changes to any tour schedule or reschedule any other licensed tour operator or driver on any given tour date, whether employed by us, or through one of our affiliates, regardless of age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, seniority, or physical appearance. Vegas to Hollywood Tourz is not responsible for any medical treatment costs if so required by any participants during the tour. Any questions, please call the tour operator at (702) 321-5630. Tour guests are required to give their contact information for where they can be reached while in Las Vegas, in case there is a situation that requires their tour group to be moved to the following day or other alternate date. If the tour guest cannot be reached while in Las Vegas, then the tour guest must call our office on the evening prior to the tour to confirm that the tour is on schedule. All tour balance payments (minus deposits) are due in full at the time of pickup (please check your tour confirmation for remaining balance - cash or credit card only).  You may also cancel your tour up to 48 hours prior to your tour date (please visit the Cancellation Policy page for more information).  To learn more about how your personal information is protected please consult our Privacy Policy page.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patronage.